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August 5, 2011
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     Salutations, once again, ladies, gents, felines, and cousin melynxes, nya. I come today from the dry, dry deserts near the Village of Moga, where even the most trained of warriors faint from the spells of heat, nya. There, I witnessed a battle between the two devils of the desert, nya. And I, with my usual luck and good fortune, have been able to record these brutes fight to the death. However, it seems as I was not the only being that witnessed this battle as, soon after my return, a hunter by the name of Acelious drew this piece above, purr. I have my thanks to give to him as it will make my story a bit easier to tell. And so let us travel to the Deserts of Moga, purr.

     On that day of the fight I happened to be in one of the desert caves, researching Altaroths. It was fortunate that the sentry Altaroth didn't perceive me as an enemy as I got a chance to take a close account of their lifestyle in the desert. I was watching these insects as they trailed to nearby cacti and desert mushrooms and absorbed them into their pouches. For a while, all seemed normal as I took down quick notes of their behavior.
     Though all seemed well, the sentry Altaroth suddenly gave a signal which made me look up from my pages. For a second, I almost panicked as all the worker Altaroths seemed to stare at me for about two seconds and hastily retreated to their burrows. My eyes followed the leaving Altaroth, knowing even if I wanted to I couldn't follow them. It did make me curious of what made these Altaroths scurry away like that. I almost immediately found out the answer.
     Not too far off I heard the devilish roar of a Deviljho. It was close, and from the sound of his roar I could tell he recently had a successful hunt. It seemed to come from Area 10, just outside my cave. I looked up at the ceiling and sighed in relief as I knew this cave was too small for him to enter. I closed my book, stuck my pen away so I wouldn't lose it, and made my way towards the entrance of the cave.
     From where I was I could see the brute wyvern munching down on what I believe was a delex. Normally I would have gone out to get a closer look, but I was in the desert where the only cover was maybe a small cactus, and I wasn't about to become his next meal. It finished the delex rather quickly and started to sniff around as it walked for another meal. After a couple of steps, it roared so loudly I could have sworn it was right next to me. So certainly the delexum (pl.) that were hiding in the sand were even more startled and leaped out of the sand. The Deviljho took only a few bites from each before finishing it off and then moving to the next one.
     I watched in fascination for a while because Deviljhos never stay in one place for too long and so they are quite a sight to see. Then all of a sudden I felt the ground rumble, though just slightly and then what sounded like a sandy explosion. I took a few steps into the outside, the heat slowly approaching, and checked my right before checkinh the left. What I saw on the left almost made me scream; A Diablos was no more than ten meters from where I was. Even though Diablos are herbivores and usually don't attack us Lynians, I think anyone would scream if they weren't expecting a two-horned wyvern just tens meters from you.
     It was actually feeding on herbs that were growing in the shade along the cave wall. Its eyes moved to me but went immediately back to the food at hand. I had to confess after seeing quite a number of creatures eat, I was starting to get hungry myself. I sat down on the cool sand and took out a piece of raw fish that I bought at the Moga Coast and nibbled on it as the two wyverns had meals of their own. I finished my meal first before the Diablos finished its own meal. The Deviljho was still eating, (he caught quite a school of delexum with that roar) When it finished, it turned to me again before checking its own surrounding.
     It was only then that the Diablos noticed the lunching Deviljho. It turned and took a few steps towards the Deviljho as if making sure it was an adversary and when it got close enough, it shook its head and screeched. The Deviljho flinched at the loud noise and then looked at the Diablos, who was running its feet through the ground, growling, keeping its head low to the ground.
     Though the Diablos only eat plants and occasionally insects, they are extremely territorial and will often take the initiative to drive out other large wyverns from the area, and only a few actually accept the challenge. The Brute was an exception and in return took a step back from its meal, lifted its huge foot, and stomped on the sand, a stomp so powerful I felt it from where I was.
     I was ever glad that I was quite a bit ways from this fight as I knew it was going to be quite the monumental battle. For a while, the two stared each other down growling and snapping at each other. The Blos was the first to make a move, quickly spinning and hitting the Brute square in the face, knocking him over.
     The Brute snapped right back up and charged at the Diablos, who responded by keeping its head low. When it got close enough the Blos quickly raised its head to pierce the Brute but to no avail as the he cleverly stepped again and slammed into the Blos. The Blos however stood its ground without falling over and with a quick movement moved aside and again swung its club-like tail. The Brute, this time, was ready as he swung his head and actually grabbed the tail with his powerful jaws.
     The Blos growled in pain, quickly swung its own head leaving a slight but long gash along the brute's neck. However, the brute did not let go and just bit even harder into the tail. With newfound strength the Blos took a quite step and twisted his body, bringing the Brute down to the ground once again. This time the Brute let go, but again like last time, it got right back up and began to circle around the Blos.
     This time the Blos charged, horns low to the ground, but apparently not low enough as the brute brought his head lower down to the ground and at the precise moment thrust upward, hitting the Blos' jaws, causing it to stagger backwards. Without skipping a beat, the brute, then swung his strong tail, smacking the Blos on the side of the face, knocking him over.
     By now they were pretty close to cave walls and I could tell the both of them were going to use that to their advantage. It seemed the double whammy was a little too much as the Blos staggered back up and almost fell over again. Taunting it, the Brute stood back, snarling as the Blos. Waiting for it to recover.
     The Brute began to advance on it once again and the Blos backed up a little before answering the approach. It took a few steps forward and used it wing to sweep the floor to throw the Deviljho off balance. Then taking advantage of this position it thrust its whole body against the Brute smashing him again the wall.
     As the Brute got back up, I could see his muscles flaring red as his rage increased the flow of blood, making old scars light up. As he stood up, I could see a black smoke escaping his mouth.  He brought his head up high and expelled an unknown black element dubbed the "Dragon" Element. I, myself, do not exactly know what the substance is or what it can cause, but I do know that is a destructive element.
     The Blos screamed, staggering back, shaking its head. Before the Deviljho could do anything else, the Diablos quickly escaped into the ground. The Deviljho kept his eyes on spot the Diablos disappeared and did not move at all except to take a few steps back the moment he sensed movement beneath the sand. At the precise moment Diablos emerged from the ground, Deviljho jumped to the side, his horns still leaving its mark on its side.
     As soon as the Brute gained its footing it charged the Blos and slamming it against the wall. It backed up momentarily and then went to grab its neck but was hit in the face by the Blos's tail. Staggering back the Brute shook his head and again the Brute raised his legs high and stomped the ground and the Blos, black clouds escaping from its own mouth growled and pounded its tail against the ground. Both were enraged, both were injured, and both were out to kill. This was going to be the last stretch.

Deviljho Wins
     The blos began circling around the Brute and succeeded in getting him between the wall and himself. The Diablos charged once again his horns low to the ground. This time instead of countering the Deviljho jumped to the side. Unable to stop, the Blos's horns went right through the soft desert rock. Taking advantage of his unfortunate circumstance, the Brute charged full speed at its head. Upon contact, the horn snapped off and the rest of the Blos was hit against the wall.
     Again the Brute tried to go for the neck but Diablos's remaining horn and wide plates protected it once again. This time swinging his head, the Diablos managed to gash the Brute's eyes making it scream loudly. Taking advantage of this opening, The Diablos ran to softer ground and began to burrow again, but not fast enough. The Brute quickly stepped over and grabbed his tail as the Diablos tried to burrow. Bracing itself, it pulled on his tail trying to prevent the Blos from burrowing any further. With a mighty heave he actually managed to pull out the Diablos from the sand and threw him against the wall once again. It was quite a thud when she hit the wall, dead.
     After what seemed like a sigh, the Brute raised his head high in the air and let out a mighty roar as if to claim "I am the true Desert Devil." I was watching this match so intensely that I forgot I had actually stepped out into the desert sun to get a closer look, and was now sweating like a mosswine. I quickly took out a cool drink from my pocket and drank the liquid.
     While I was doing that the Brute began his feast on the Diablos ripping apart its flesh and devouring it hungrily. It was a tough match and for him, it was a hard earned meal. I didn't want to disturb the beast while he ate and so I made track back to the cave. I knew that the caves were connected and that I could even stop by the Felyne's Den and see if any of my cousin Melynxes picked up anything interesting.
     On my way there, I found that the Altaroths were back and working once again. I took out my pen and opened up my book and wrote in quickly that Altaroths were good detectors of… "events". Before I left I took out a mushroom that I had been carrying and offered it to the sentry who ordered a soldier to take it. It came up to me and ingested the mushroom, its abdomen swelling in the process and made its way back to the burrow.
     I duck below a low opening that most felynes knew to be a shortcut to the Felyne's Den. When I came to, I saw a group of Melynxes dragging in the Diablos's severed horn. I asked to take it off their hands, but they refused, claiming they found it first. Of course this argument was over quickly with a little felvine. And so, with the horn and my book strapped across my back I made my way back to the Moga coast.

Diablos Wins
     Again, the Diablos charged towards the Deviljho. This time without running away, the Brute decided to play his game and took the charge head-on with his own head, the horns tearing away a bit of skin on either side of its face. The two were going back in a "push-o-war". At one point it seemed like the Diablos had the upper and at another point it seemed like the Deviljho did.
The blos lifted his head and brought it quickly down, making the Deviljho fall to the ground. But he quickly recovered and butted heads once again. With a clever twist, the Brute was able to throw the Blos off balance and at the same time slam his meaty tail into the Blos's face.
     However, it only caused the Blos to stagger. It was clear to me that the Deviljho was getting tired as its blows were slowly becoming weaker. As soon as the Blos recovered, it spun his tail into the Deviljho's face, the club-tail ripping off the bumpy skin of the Brute's jaw. It staggered and fell down to the ground facing away from the Blos. In that instant, the Diablow quickly drew into the ground and by the time the Brute got up, she was already out of sight.
     The Deviljho quickly checked the landscape with his eyes but couldn't find him. It slowly started to move with his back to the walls of the cave carefully scanning the open desert. I saw the sand move around him as the Diablos started to move away from the Brute. Apparently he saw it too as he roared and chased the blos for not for long.
     The Blos made a sharp turn in the sand and lunged like a two pronged spear, out of the ground, piercing the Brute's soft underside and slamming it against the cave wall. The Deviljho gave one last breath as its life faded away and lay limp on top to Diablos. When it sensed that it was dead at last, the flung his head off to the side, letting the Deviljho slide off his horns and onto the sand.
     I was so concentrated on watching the battle that I wasn't paying attention to my own self. When I finally realized I had moved to the shades of another cave that was significantly closer to where the battle had occurred. I stepped closer to the fallen body. The Blos, sensing movement sharply turn to my direction and snarled. I completely froze. When the Diablos noticed that it was only a Felyne she snorted and turned away again and then headed to the waters.
     As it walked away, I noticed that from the cave entrances, Altaroths were starting to gather around the dead carcass and began to pick meat off of the flesh. I watched the Altaroths gather meat while the Diablos disappeared behind the desert wind. I was looking at one in particular who seemed to have a hard time harvesting meat. I was going to ignore it but noticed a glimmer and walked towards the Altaroth.
     By the time I got there it had pulled out a prized Deviljho Gem, I reached for it but the worker ant started hissing and so I backed off. I pulled out a mushroom from my pocket and, after showing it to the Altaroth, put in on the ground. It must have figured that the gem was indigestible, because it soon dropped it, picked up the mushroom I left on the ground, and made its way back to the cave entrance. I picked up the beautiful black gem and stuck it into my pocket.
     I made my over to the supply camp and on the way noticed the Diablos was already at the waters drinking heartily with two smaller Diabloses on either side of it. Around it were Rhenoploses, drinking out of the same water hole. It made me wonder whether the title of "Desert Tyrant" or "Devil of the Desert" was fitting. As I left the area I noticed that the Diablos looked at me one last time before I left the area I could tell that both of those titles were definitely undeserving.

Extra Ending
     The Diablos quickly dug underground and again the Brute kept his eyes on the ground as he silently circled around. At the first sign of ground movement, he quickly stepped aside and the Diablos came out of the ground. The Deviljho charged but the Blos quickly followed with a tail sweep that knocked the Brute down.
     By the time he got up she was down under again. Now, whether out of knowledge or pure coincidence, the Brute let out a roar so loud that it acted like a sonic bomb and the Blos was forced out of the ground. The Deviljho advanced once again at the helpless Diablos but he wasn't about to have the last laugh.
     It was just then I noticed the cave wall was colorful… a little too colorful. Out of the shadow, jumped out a Black Tigrex. While its attention was on the Diablos, the Black Tigrex leapt from the cliffs to the back of the Deviljho and began to rip and tear flesh with its unforgiving jaws. The Brute shook violently trying to get him off but to no avail. He resorted to slamming himself to the wall but only to his own demise as the Tigrex jumped off and no sooner than he landed off, lunged right at the Brute's jugular. His aim true, he tore it violently and the Brute immediately fell dead.
     Then switching target, the Black Tigrex fixed his eyes on the grounded Diablos. As the Tigrex advanced, snapping its jaws, the Diablos was finally free and flew into the air. As it turned out, it was her last flight. As soon as she took air, The Tigrex launched itself at the hovering Diablos, its weighting knocking the Blos out of the sky and onto her back where the Tigrex had no problem finishing her off.
     By now, I was just about ready to run off. The Tigrex went back to the Deviljho and started to eat away at it as I stood there, unsure of what exactly to do. I started to back away when his eyes caught mine. He let out a fierce roar, but I was already booking for the Coast; with a devil like Black Tigrex around who need souvenirs?
Okay after about a total of 6 hours writing, video watching and research, i have FINALLY finished this narration which actually long overdue. Haven't done something THIS exhausting in a while O.o but i'm glad it's over, as much as i enjoyed doing it. Hope you guys all like it. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART O.O jkjk xD

The Image is done by *Wrath-of-Acelious and here's the [link] to his picture. Thanks all for reading and commenting and faving.
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You know, funnily enough, the Black Tigrex now goes by the new English name of Brute Tigrex!
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hahaha it's a weird coincidence. Back then, i didn't want to keep typing tigrex and diablos over and over again, so this was a way to give some variety of words. 
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Capcom must have been reading this, then :D
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I've read all of your narrations and personally this one was the best. I always imagined what would happen if these two met and you've overthrown my expectations. And well, who wouldn't run away when a black tigrex just killed two devils. Amazing work.
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