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June 2, 2008
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The Battle of Yin and Yang</u></i>
     Salutation, the name is Xglide, felyne scribe, nya nya. Ever since the day I saw the fight between the rathalos and the tigrex in the mountain, I’ve been interested in these wyvern fights, and even more interested with writing Monster Ecologies. I still have the scales from the rathalos/ tigrex [depending on the ending you chose], nya. Anyways, this story is about another fight, the battle of Ying and Yang, wyvern and dragon, fire and ice, earth and sky, meow. The picture above was drawn by a good friend of mine, a melynx artist Terekjet, who also drew a picture for the rathalos and tigrex fight I mentioned earlier, nya nya. For the concernment of others, I was not hurt…just shaken by the fact that I have seen this epic battle, meow. This battle occurred in the afternoon and lasted for quite a while, nya. And thus the story begins.
     After having written down the ecology of the Rathalos from the data I had from before, I started to look for a rathian, the rathalos’s female counterpart, to complete the “Wrath” series of my ecology (Wrath as in “wrath” alos and “wrath” ian, get it?).
     A few things you should know about the Rathian is that it has the ability to breathe fire like the Rathalos, but unlike the male, the Rathian has her poison in the ends of her tail, and not in her claws, and stays earthbound most of the time, and rarely fights while flying.
     It was a cold day that I went out to look for the rathian. My first bet the jungle, so I headed in that direction. Soon enough, I arrived. I stepped into the lush green jungle, looking for tracks that might lead to the Jungle Queen.
     I found a few burnt vines and trees nearby seemed to be scratched. This was definitely a rathian’s doing. I followed the trail, until I came to a cave. I looked into the gaping mouth of the cave. The cave gave a soft sigh. I shivered and I walked in very cautiously.
     A good way in, I saw what looked like lump of emeralds. Being the felyne I am, never pass an opportunity to grab something valuable. I started towards, but it started to move, so I darted behind a rock. I peeked out from my hiding spot and saw that the lump of emerald was the looming body of a rathian. I was happy that I have found the Rathian, but also disappointed that it wasn’t emeralds.
     Moments later, the rathian woke up. I saw that it was about to take off, so I quickly bolted to her tail and grabbed on, and in a flash, I was in the air. Just my luck that it was raining. We were in the rain for what seemed to be a year (I hate the rain).
     I looked around, and thought I saw something shiny in the distance. Then suddenly the rathian did a barrel roll. I barely had time to hang on and nearly fell off. I looked around again and saw a flash of metal. I wasn’t sure what it was.
This time, the rathian did a quick drop. This time I looked and saw grey and four legs. Four? I followed the things with my eyes and gasped.
     It was a Kushala Daora, the Dragon of the Wind, its metal wings glimmering in the little light there was. It hovered in the air for a moment snapping it metal jaws and snarling. Its blue eyes shining wild with hunger.
     Hunger? That’s when I noticed that I was its next meal. I gulped in fear. But that moment of fear nearly cost me my life. For in that instance, the rathian did a back flip in mid-air and started to rush towards him. It shot a fireball, which was rare for a rathian, towards the kushala, but his (the kushala daora will be referred to as “he” and “she” for the rathian) serpent-like movement early evaded the fireball.
     The kushala made an unexpected dive and swerved, and where it had been, a flash of lightning struck, which was followed by a rather loud boom. The rathian did likewise, doing a sharp turn to the left, and then diving, and swerving right, and spiraled down. I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Suddenly each other wasn’t the concern.
     Both the kushala and the rathian were weak against lightning, so they were trying to save themselves, rather than take down the enemy. It seemed as if the two agreed to fight somewhere else where they wouldn’t be in danger from the storm. The both flew to a nearby mountain side, still dodging the lightning. They must of have had one hell of a good instinct to be dodging lightning. I guess that they had sharpened their senses against the one thing that they were ultimately weak against.
     As soon as they were out under the storm cloud, the started to go at it again. The Kushala rushed towards the Rathian trying to take out her wings. The rathian barrel rolled out of the way and shot a fire ball, grazing the kushala’s tail. She then glided towards the ground tired from the extraneous flying.
     I jumped off as soon as I knew I wasn’t gonna die or be mortally wounded from the fall. I landed on the ground and looked back at the two and saw him breathe what seemed like tornado from his mouth, at nearly the same time she blasted a fireball. The blast of air grazed her right wing and hit her tail, which instantly froze, nearly severing it, along with the ground around it (which is the scene depicted above). My mouth fell open.
     The rathian winced in pain, but almost seemed to smile when she saw her fireball hit him square in the chest. The force of the fireball knocked the kushala back into the air, and started to fall. But right before he hit the ground, he opened his wing and glided just barely above the ground and came to land. While he did this, I ran behind a rock, my normal hideout.
     I peeked out from behind of it to see the rest of the action. The Kushala reared back and blasted the frigid air towards the rathian. She jumped back and tried to ram him, but he blasted a gust of cold air at her foot. His aim was true and froze her foot. The momentum of her run made her fall over. She got up and struggled to get her foot free.
     The Kushala started to run towards the rathian. She turned her attention to him and blasted a fireball. He side-jumped it but she blasted another fireball and hit him on the wings. The impact made the kushala fall. But what happened as a result of the fireball was truly astounding. The fire had actually melted part of his metallic armor.
     By now, the rathian had broken out of her cold prison and was ready to fight. She gave a mighty roar and blasted a fireball. He, this time, jumped over the fireball. He feared his head back and let out a series of ice breath that froze the ground in a zigzag pattern. She flapped her wings hard and just barely made not getting frozen again. I just stood there, gawking at the awesome battle.
     The rathian then, swung her frozen tail smashing the icicle. The icicles flew towards him, and several of them pierced his skin. He screamed and started to shake violently, trying to get the shards out. While it was flailing around, she blasted another fireball, hitting his wing. The wing started to melt, and beneath it was its true white skin. But almost as fast as the skin showed its true color, it hardened again to the metallic grey plate.
     The two looked at each other in a fierce stare-off. The rathian gave a fierce growl while the Kushala roared with anger, in a you-ruined-my-pride kind of roar. This next move going to decide it all.

Kushala Wins</i>
     The Kushala started to run towards the rathian. As a response, the rathian blasted a fireball. The kushala easily jumped over it, but it didn’t land. It then, started to glide towards the rathian. At the last minute, it spiked up and flew over the rathian with expert control. Once it got behind him, he swooped down towards and with the quickness of a serpent’s strike, it cut off the tail of the rathian. The rathian fell over in pain. While it tried to get up, the kushala blasted her with frigid air freezing in her place. The rathian tried desperately to escape struggling in vain roaring as if that would melt the ice. The took off and started circle her freezing her from all sides until not a square inch of her was touching the air, only the ice. It gave a final roar and flew away.
     When he was finally out of site, I stepped out and gave a sigh of relief. I walked over to the frozen corpse. It truly did look like an emerald now, the green illuminating the ice. I walked over to the cut frozen tail, and picked it up with caution. It felt like the ice was going to freeze my paws along with the tail. I had a feeling this kind of ice, the ice of anger, was never going to melt.

Rathian wins</i>
     The Rathian shot a fireball, which the kushala countered with a gust of cold air. The projectiles hit each other, expelling steam. The kushala dove into the steam, trying to surprise the Rathian. But apparently the Rathian was ready for this, because the moment he appeared out of the steam, she back-flipped and hit him in the face. The Kushala let out a roar of pain and fell to the floor. It tried to get up quickly, but as soon as he did, the rathian smashed her tail reinforced with the frozen spikes into his face once again, cracking his horn and well as his skull. The kushala fell over and didn’t get up. Game Over. The rathian gave a mighty roar, and started to walk away, back into the jungle. After a while, it was gone from view.  I looked at the dead body, with wonder.
     I went to it and picked up the horn that broke off when the rathian gave the finishing blow, wondering how it was able to control such wind. I put the horn inside my arcorn (what I call the giant acorn they use as a sack) pack. I made up my mind that in the near future, I would find out all I can about them. Pity, and all he wanted was a snack.
Whoo! okay, so I'm finally done. After I saw the Picture terekjet did, I was all fired up. It took me two hours to complete this work. So here it is, the long awaited Kushala vs. Rathian Narration. I hope you enjoy. and I hope to do more. I do commsions. :P

To comment on the picture please follow the link

Picture (c) to :iconterekjet:
Narration (c) to :iconxglide:
Rathian and Kushala Daora (c) to capcom
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STARDUCKS0202 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
The time when you grabbed on the Rathian's tail, didn't you think that you would get poisoned because how the monsters flew in the storm?
xglide Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student Writer
haha, of course i was careful. I'm not THAT careless.
lieutenantsparklez Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
can somebody send me some art of a tigrex fighting a teostra? that'd be great.
xglide Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student Writer
lol i you might want to ask in your journal or as a group rather than post here =p. I kind of only have a small niche audience
lieutenantsparklez Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
oh ok thanks for the tip.
lieutenantsparklez Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
how do i upload it so that a lot of people can see it like this one. i just did an ivory lagiacrus vs rathalos narration and i would like to know how to upload it so it can be seen like this. did you do this in microsoft word or what?
xglide Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Writer
when you "submit art" there's a section that says "Enter Text" That's where you post your narration.
lieutenantsparklez Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
ok thanks
bakagain Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
So is the rathian from this story in the Kushala's victory ending the corpse on the top of the summit of the mountain? Also, nice story. Very well done.
xglide Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Student Writer
ahahahaha xD no, at the top of the mountain is the shedding of a kushala daora. More info here ->[link] and here ->[link] hope that explains it =)
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