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Hello everyone, 

Just letting you all know that i'm not dead x3

As mentioned in a previous journal, I've been absorbed into a discord community run by 'Pocketwatch Games' (creators of Monaco) Their newest game Tooth and Tail is in developments.
If anyone is interested in joining the alpha community to play and help test the game or just chatting with friendly individuals (nyself included) you're more than welcome to join the Discord community at:…;

If you've been itching to play an fast paced RTS that's easy to get into and fun to play with friends, come check it out! 

'Till next time,

Questions you may have:
Q: Are you leaving Deviantart? 
A: No, and probably won't ever. It's one of the first online communities i've ever joined and therefore has a special place in my heart. Even though i may not be posting anything. I'm always checking to see whether I have messages or not daily. So if you ever want to contact me for whatever reason you may have, know that I'll likely respond within a day =3

Q: What about monster hunter stuff?
A: At the moment, Tooth and Tail takes up most of my creative energy. Most of the things i write these days is written in their universe, which is quite fascinating (Not to say the MH Universe isn't in the least). Will i continue to write monster hunter stuff? perhaps. Only time will tell. Monster Hunter remains to be the franchise i've pour the most amount of time into. And not to mention it's the universe in which Glyde originated from. I'd be hard pressed to abandon it when he's such an important part of myself.

A: It's not dead yet. We actually talked recently about reviving the series, and wondering what the best way was to go about it. No details besides that, but it's being though about.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments =p
So I know it's been forever since I've last been active and the reasons are two-fold.

First, I got a new job. I work as a busser/server at a nearby buffet-restaurant and so far I love working there. Working as server is something I've always wanted to try so despite not being a "career" job, it's something I can imagine myself doing for at least a bit longer.

Second, I've recently joined a community around the Indie Developers known as "Pocketwatch Games" with their new and up coming arcade RTS "Tooth and Tail". I found out about this game at UCSD's Triton Gaming's Winter Game Fest and have been absorbed into the pre-alpha community since then. The community is friendly and awesome to be around, and Since joining I've become a moderator in their discord channel and been creating a "newspaper" based on their patch notes. If any of you are interested you can go here to check it out and go here to join the discord community and maybe even get a chance to join in on the closed alpha. If you want to watch game play videos, there's an on-going tournament amongst the alpha community known as the 'Clash of Comrades'. You can find videos of matches from the tournament here

Today was my friend's birthday and as a result i got him and myself a copy of MH Gen. In other words, I have joined the hunt once again, and you can bet your felyne tails, I'll be trying out the new Prowlers! I look forward to hunting with some of you guys in the future! Will this mean I'll resume MH literature? perhaps. It's too soon to tell. As of right now, Tooth and Tail has taken a lot of the creative space in me, but perhaps a good hunt or two will rekindle the fire for the monster hunter world once gain.

Good hunting ladies and gents. Until next time!
If ever Glyde were to be able to tame a monster (within reason, so no elder dragons or anything too big). What do think he would tame?
Alternatively, if a monster suddenly took a liking to Glyde, which monster do you think would do so?
Hey guys, it's been a while. 

So as of today, I've been out of school for about a week, so perhaps it's time for an update. First thing's first. I'm out of school. YAY! The last two summer quarters (i.e. the last 10 weeks) of my school life have been some of the most grueling and tough times in the entirety of my college career. However, it's been the most fun and productive of those years. During that time, I created an HTML5 reference site and even a game app (which is still under production).

So here's what's going to happen between now and whenever I get my next full-time job:

1) I'll be looking for a local part-time job.
2) I want to start a work out schedule. As of now I'm very weak and don't have that much stamina and rather bone-y. If someone would like to recommend a work out schedule I'll be more than glad to take a look and consider it.
3) I'll be more active in this community. So maybe a post about every week, maybe sooner.
4) Work on occasion, on the game I'm developing with my housemate.

As for the Glyde-theft issue, most of it has been resolved. Professor felyne and I (as well as Darkmane) have been going back and forth and have been coming to a resolution. He has apologized and replaced the thumbnails in his youtube account and changed his avatar and his website as well (his videos still have Glyde in them but asking him to remove ALL his videos seems a bit harsh). I'm still monitoring his youtube channel and website until it's free of Glyde, because he is using a placeholder image of glyde for the moment. 

Thus begins a new chapter in my life. It's been a wild ride, and it's about to get wilder. Hold onto your butts.
So from time to time I would see all these famous people on deviantArt post a journal about how their art got stolen and used and stuff and how much of a pain it is to deal with it. I have to say I never thought it would happen to me. On one hand it was very flattering, but on the other hand it seemed like a part of me was stolen away.…

I was looking for DarkmaneTheWerewolf's animation of Glyde and Darkmane and i noticed there were two copies up on youtube. It was then I discovered that my beloved character, Glyde (essentially my second half) was plastered all over the channel's thumbnails, mostly using Darkmane's renditions of Glyde. In a few of his videos, he even used macawnivore's version of Glyde used for my info sheet. In the latter website he uses my devART icon, which was originally taken from LynxKano's deviantion. 

A couple of hours ago, Darkmane sent a DCMA notice over youtube as well as through the website's host notifying them of the stolen art and character. Hopefully we can resolve this peacefully.

Glyde was a character I created very long time ago when I started writing for monster hunter. Throughout that time, he's developed his own personality, backstory, and became the person (felyne) that I and you all came to know and love. Discovering that someone was using him at ALL without my permission, let alone behind my back, makes ME feel violated. As he continued to use Glyde as his mascot, people would start to associate Glyde with HIM and not me, in a way it's identity theft. I know this isn't as serious as REAL identity theft, but I still felt violated none the less. 

I can't read french and so far from what google translate could tell me, he (i.e. the thief) in no way really gives credit to either Darkmane or me for using Glyde. If anyone of my watchers are french please let me know if you find he does give credit to us or otherwise. In either case I'm either looking to remove all traces of Glyde from His youtube channel as well as his website. If he had asked, I may have been ok with it, but this is unacceptable in my opinion.
In honor of Deviantart's 15th birthday I decided to join in on the festivities and complete the questionaire.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    => So I've apparently been on dA for 8 years. And holy shit is that a long time haha. 

What does your username mean?
    => My username is THE ORIGINAL username i used to use for Neopets way back when and it was when i used that username for everything else that required a username just because it was almost never taken. Nowadays it's a remnant of my 2nd persona, Glyde Borealis.

Describe yourself in three words.
    =>Friendly, Affectionate, Cat

Are you left or right handed?
    => Right handed

What was your first deviation?
    => Christ I had to dig deep for this one, haha. Yuuupp terribly drawing back then and I bet I draw just as bad now lol. Back then, all i put up was my half-baked MH novel along with different assignments I had in middle school. I'm glad I stuck with the writing haha.
  Cream Hero by xglide

What is your favourite type of art to create?
    =>Definitely Literature. Even though I ironically don't read much, I always have been fascinated by how books were able to make you think and imagine things just the way a picture would have, and so wanted to be able to do the same.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    =>Digital Drawing. There's just soooo many things you could do with it. 

What was your first favourite?
    =>Even deeper digging for this one hahaha. The friend that originally introduced me to dA (unfortunately his dA account no longer exists) was and is an anthro artist. I must have come across this while looking for other furry things and I remember thinking this was very cute and funny. 
Mad comic page12 by Zerwolf

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    =>Probably digital art featuring Monster Hunter Art. I may take hiatuses now and then but it's still hands down one of my favorite games.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    =>Hmm. Got to be DarkmaneTheWerewolf. I can't exactly remember when we started to talk to each other a lot but since then we've talked a lot. I mean heck we create comics together.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    =>Tie between macawnivore and DarkmaneTheWerewolf. Both of them are awesome people who once used to be my idols. Now they're my friends.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    => Again, his account no longer exists, but his original account was Hexwolf. He has a furaffinity account… and currently runs a fursuit business, which I understand is going pretty well. He introduced me to dA some 8 years ago and got me interested in art and furries and well everything else. If it weren't for this I wouldn't have gotten to know any of you. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
    =>laptop and keyboard lol. Would take way to long to write everything out by hand haha. 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    =>Place doesn't matter. Every now and then I'll get a spark of creativity and go ham on it.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    => I remember when macawnivore commented on my writing, I got really giddy and fanboy about it. It's crazy to think someone I thought was sort of out of reach, came to comment on my work and eventually even featured my character in her works. I am honored to this day, Inko.

Hey guys, so this’ll be the last of the PAC-Art Blog series. Hope I didn’t bore you guys with these, haha.


Fresh Off the Boat is a memoir written by Eddie Huang, which gives us an insight into what America, or a different country for that matter, would seem like to a foreigner whose culture is vastly different. In what would seem like a dream come true, his memoir was set to become a TV show on the American Broadcasting Channel (abc).

However, during the making of the series, Eddie was thoroughly disappointed at the lack of true representation of his book. For him, this sitcom was undermining the very essence of his book didn’t want to do anything that didn’t truly represent his experiences. When asked to say the lines, “America is great!” He adamantly refused to do so, claiming that nowhere in his book, was that statement inferred. After several heated exchanges, Eddie asked to roll the tape and said in compromise, “America ain’t three fifths bad.” A dastardly clever response. Eddie didn’t want his memoirs to become another “Asian sitcom for white people praising Ill Communication because we [Asians] are both acceptable, unthreatening gateways to black culture.” To him, this response was both literally a compromise and a stab at American culture, saying America was as good as Americans saw black people were barely considered people, three-fifths of one to be exact.

He didn’t want his memoir to be degraded into something to the level of how well “Panda Express” expresses Chinese culture. Specifically, his memoir was about very specific moments in his life during his time here in America that wasn’t suited to network television, “the one-size fit all antithesis to Fresh Off the Boat.” One of Eddie’s favorite scenes of his book is when he encounters mac and cheese for the first time when he went over to a friend’s house. The moment was a formative one, as for once, his friend (white) becomes the exotic to which something was taken as staple. However, the show took this moment to make it one of hilarity rather than learning. Moments like these were very common, when the script misinterprets the intention and message that was meant to be delivered was lost. Apparently when the show was pitched, there were a “handful of butt-hurt white people”. Good. This show wasn’t supposed to be for entertainment, if anything, it was a fringe benefit.

Eddie is doing something truly remarkable but not allowing his experiences become another “Panda Express” of Chinese culture. It forces other to take his perspective, though it may be an uncomfortable one and brings the hard truth out rather than sugar coating it. It is this kind of dry truths that we need to help people learn what it is like for a foreigner in a truly unknown environment where the everyday becomes exotic and exotic starts to become the everyday. It’s one step in educating others about the different cultures of the world.

Huang, Eddie. “Network TV Ate My Life: Eddie Huang on Watching His Memoir Become a Sitcom.” Vulture: Devouring Culture. Web. 4 Feb 2015. “…

Google defines 'citizen' as a "a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized" and defines 'immigrant' as "a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country." By definition, at least according to Google, the difference between a citizen and an immigrant is the legal status of said person. The whole idea of an "us" and "others" is something we've understood probably ever since our beginning; Anything that wasn't part of the family and/or tribe was a potential threat. In order to be acclimated into the group, an individual would probably have had to prove their worth, show that they aren't a threat, and do so for over a period of time until the rest of the tribe was comfortable with the new person. But even then, there would be a few that would keep their suspicions about the new guy on the block.

Fast forward to today and your "tribe", now a nation, has to still do this task except with billions of people. Since memory is no longer an option, (who has time or the capacity to remember a billion people), nations now document who is an official member of the nation and allow those who have these documents to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a nation, such as work, own property, etc. Now, the same problem exists; people outside the nation could enter the nation without anyone finding out, and start taking up resources that were meant for citizens, without taking up the responsibilities that a citizen should carry. If this person were to be discovered as an "illegal" then he would promptly be deported. However, say there was a person who took the responsibilities of being a citizen and even contributed greatly to the nation. If that person was discovered to be in the nation illegally, should that person be deported? Personally, I think at that point, I would offer that person a path to citizenship. 

However, how things are now in the U.S., all undocumented immigrants are supposed to be deported, regardless of whether or not they took up their civil duties and how much they contributed to the nation, following the letter of the law, rather than the spirit of the law. However, an unfortunate amount of people seem to be following the letter of the law, and assuming the worst of those that live in the U.S. undocumented. To them, undocumented citizens are "illegal immigrants" as the phrase is often used, i.e. they are criminals. In Documented, a documentary directed by Hose Antonio Vargas, a very well known journalist who recently, "came out" about being an undocumented citizen. In the documentary, tries to dispel this common misconception that undocumented citizens are all bad, by showing how certain immigrants, though undocumented, live as if they are a good citizen of the U.S. He shows us that not all undocumented immigrants are bad and that most are in fact already a citizen of the U.S. in spirit, just not officially, on paper. Currently, there are no ways for someone like Vargas to obtain citizenship, and until then he is still a "criminal", but is he really?
Week 3:
So yesterday, we featured Messi, a documentary film about Lionel Messi. The filmed gathered many people who were close to Messi, such as his family, teachers, coaches, and so on and had them informal chat amongst themselves, all the while giving us an insight on one of greatest players in soccer's history. Two days before that on Tuesday, I watched Documented, a documentary film about Jose Antonio Vargas, a famous journal who recently "came out" about being an undocumented immigrant. The documentary starts off with Vargas as the center of attention in many news channels. It showed just how prominent of a figure he was even before he came out. However, when he came out, all of a sudden, people's opinion about him seemed to change. However, to the viewer there seems to be not much different and he is still the same we came to know, i.e. through the film. To some people, undocumented immigrants are something completely alien and something to be feared and hated on. In reality they're no different than the next person.

I think this is a common problem where people hear something bad about another thing and if they had any sort of disdain or contempt for said thing, then that negative aspect becomes a defining aspect of said thing, much like the "vaccine causes autism" bandwagon that was popular some time ago (and might be still even 'till today). This confirmation bias always seems to get in the way of accurately representing things, let alone a group of people.

Often it seems that people have unreasonable hatred for "others" just based on rumors or few bad examples. It's really sad to see that. After his unveiling, he inspired many others to "come out" as well and stand up so they can be documented. In one scene, a group of Hispanic mothers share their story for why they brought their kids into the United States undocumented, describing how much they sacrificed to give their children a future. This sort of sacrifice is one that all mothers would be able to relate to and not just Hispanic mothers. The film attempts to disperse some prejudices and stereotypes that people may have had against undocumented citizens of the U.S. 

Watching this documentary, along with experiencing the Film Festival yesterday, I've come realize the more we stray away from language and the color of our skin, the more we humans have in common. Last week, we featured Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, and the attendance was quite large, but it was nothing compared to this week's attendance. Sports is something we can all enjoy, whether or not we speak the same language or whether or not the color of skin is the same. I can only hope that certain people learn to see past physical differences and know that there isn't much that separates "us" from "others".
Hey all,

Week 2 is over and it's about that time for another blog post. Just yesterday was the first day of Pacific Art's International Film Festival, where we had a talented group of musicians perform live and afterwards screen a movie known as 'Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.' The film itself was a documentary that played out more like a montage film with many of Bollywood's filmed produced through their 70+ years of film producing. I had already screened the film a few days before the event so I already knew what to expect, but what I didn't expect was the number of people that would be familiar with this film and producer. 

Before the event, we were all required to hand out flyers to the people around Balboa Park and try to get people interested in the film festival and come join us for the evening. I am fairly comfortable about approaching strangers so this wasn't a big deal for me. I did sort of feel bad (for a lack of better words) because I didn't want to hound people like some charity organization. So, all in all I was fairly quick and to the point about the event, leaving myself open to questions and the like. Now, to me, Bollywood was just a play on word on Hollywood and I honestly didn't think much else of it. At first I was only just trying to get people to come join the event because I had to. However, I ran into one person who was manning a bike rental at the park. Upon approaching him and informing him about the event and the movie that was being screen today, he told me that he was a really big fan of Bollywood and would definitely come join the film festival. Further throughout the day, I tried to target non-white people and from what I came to notice is that, many of them knew and loved Bollywood. 

That first encounter and following encounters made me realize how big Bollywood actually was. It may seem like an insignificant realization but, when I put that and what Bollywood stood for, I came to realize that they played a relatively significant portion in widening the world's view on a different culture. Films like Bollywood give us a view into a culture we may have never saw before and frankly it's fascinating. I am starting to see why films made by ethnic others are so important to broadening perspective. It really gives us an insight as to how a culture or nation thinks and what they value, and personally in the end I think it would lead us all to see that we aren't all that different.

Next week, Thursday 8pm at Balboa Park at the Organ Pavillion, we are going to be screening Messi (i.e. the soccer player), curated by the San Diego Film Festival. If you happen to be in the area, I encourage you to drop by. 'Till next week!

For more information about Pacific Arts Movement: Click here
For more information about Culture, Art, and Technology at UCSD: Click here
Hey guys,

So for my class I am required to have a weekly blog post about my experiences during my time volunteering at the San Diego Film Festival hosted by the Pacific Arts Movement. The event happens for the next five weeks so bear with me until then. 

Exactly one hundred years ago, here in San Diego, the California Panama Exhibition opened for the very first time in Balboa Park. The exhibition then was run by Americans (whites) and people of color were used as attraction. Many foreign races were brought to the fair in all their primitive glory for other Anglo-Saxons to see. This display of "lesser" people, only confirmed that what the Anglo-Saxons were doing, i.e. conquests of these nations, was the right thing to do. To them, a hundred years ago, it was their moral duty to bring civilization to these cultures that would otherwise have been left savage. Back then, the fair was an incredibly self-righteous and narcissistic way of patting themselves on the back and confirming for themselves that whites were indeed greater than other races and that it was their duty to conquer and bring civilization to lesser nations.

This year marks the centennial of Balboa Park and during its celebration, ethnic American media programs are going to be curated for an international film festival for all to see. My involvement in this grand event bears a striking contrast to this event had it been run a hundred years ago. If I was around back then, I'd have likely been part of the many attractions created for the event. Now, a hundred years later, it is both remarkable and ironic that a festival once celebrating white supremacy is now a place where non-Americans get to share films that they have made to tell their own stories and not have others tell it for them.

Initially, I didn't realize how much of a big deal this was, as I was born into a culturally and ethnically tolerant time (at least relatively speaking). It was when I had learned about the history of the World Fairs throughout American history, that I could come to appreciate the significance of my role in this centennial celebration.

As the weeks progress, I am very excited to be a part of this historic moment, and having screened a few of the films that were submitted for viewing, I can say that I am very interested to see the myriads of genres and stories I will come across. For those of you in the Southern California Area, feel free to join the free event held every Thursday Evening until the end of July at the organ Pavilion at Balboa Park.

For more information about Pacific Arts Movement:  Click here
For more information about Culture, Art, and Technology at UCSD: Click here
I'll be hunting for a while between now and maybe around 7 or 8 possibly later. I'll be online for those who want to join and i'll also be available on my Chatroom here:…

'Till next time!
I'm no smash character but I've finally got my hands on a 3DS and I'm getting the game (is MH4U)  later in the afternoon. I haven't set up my nintendo ID or whatever yet (still new to this stuff). I'll update this post with more information later.

DarkmaneTheWerewolf,macawnivore,baka-saru89 The time has come!

OK i got my friend code! Send me a Note with your friend code if you want me to add you!
So I recently lost my laptop to rain damage and after having it looked at by a close friend of mine it seems that the motherboard was downed and for a laptop that's pretty much death. The worst part is I'm going home on Sunday for the holidays so I'm going to be bored outta my mind. My old one lasted me a year (its warranty expired not 2 weeks ago) and apparently the hard drive is still in tact so I'm going to salvage that. Here's to finding a new "book". Happy holidays everyone!
"Guilty Pleasures, eh? Khezu Ice Cream! Now before you shrug off the idea, you really should give it a try. It seems very odd at first and fairly offputting but it's quite good. That said, I have a thing for weird and exotic foods. Even if it taste weird, there's often something about their uniqueness that still has me coming back. Oh, and I love collecting armour. For me, each set signifies a mastery over each creature's behaviors and tendencies. Though these days, I feel like i have a bit TOO much mastery... and by that I mean my house is too small for how many sets I have. I should really look into expanding my place... But hey. This isn't as embarrassing or secretive as a guilty pleasure one of my felyne friend's have. 

I won't mention his name, but he's quite the solemn felyne, seems rather unapproachable at a first glance. However, he completely melts when someone's running their hands through his fur. I found out quite by accident, actually. He and I were out on a field on a research trip looking at the recent increase in number of bomberry plants in the forests near Yukumo (yeah, sounds kinda boring but he seemed quite interested). He asked me to come with him because he wanted me to map the relevant areas of increased vegetation. After a quick survey of the area, he sat down for a little bit and studied his notes against the map. In the meantime, I was watching some kelbi that happened to wander into the area. When i got back to him, I plopped down next to him and started to ruffle up his head as a joke. At first, I could have sworn I saw him more relaxed than I have ever seen him since, well, ever. But, he immediately snapped out of it as soon as I stopped, and sternly asked me not to do that again. I had to make sure, I tried to reach out to pet him again but this time he stopped me before I even got close. Needless to say, for the rest of that day, if I came within 2 feet of him, I felt him going on high alert. 

But! I got my chance on a different day. I was taking a day off from hunting and decided to go to the hot springs. As usual I asked for my own bath for uh... reasons and stuff. Anywho, when I walked in, I noticed someone else was in there and was about to leave when I heard a familiar voice. Apparently the sweetheart had forgotten to mark one of the baths as taken and we were assigned to the same one. I greeted him and joined him in the warm waters next to him. For a while I sat there with him, just marinating in the hot water when I remembered about what I saw before. To confirm my suspicion, I sneakily moved my hands through the water and started petting his back and up to his head. I have to say... I was not expecting him to purr. It was adorable! I've always loved lynians but this was on its own level. I really didn't want to stop because I knew he'd snap at me but of course, I had to eventually. 

Needless to say he was quite mad and snapped at me for a good minute or two before calming down. He then explained that he had extremely sensitive fur and told me not to tell anyone... Well... threatened more like, actually. But it's such a cute secret to keep, I've been dying to tell someone. I just hope he doesn't read this, otherwise I'd really have a reason to run for the hills.

Sorry, that was me rambling. Um... er... yes the tail IS a part of the armor. Ah, well it was custom made for me. Er yes the horns as well. OhwouldyoulookatthetimeIhavetogo!Thanksforhavingmebye!"

--Darkmane, Human(?) Hunter and Esteemed Armor Collector
"I was never big on learning. Classes are bothersome and the teachers are too boring. My mom tried to get me to go to school when I was young so I could grow up to be a doctor or dentist, but I always ended up falling asleep during the lesson. In the end, it just became a waste of time and money. I was never cut out to be an academic anyways. I had always wanted instead to be an adventurer and see the world like I'm doing now. It's more fun and I don't have to sit around and just listen to someone droll on about something I could care less about. The only teacher I ever liked was from a crazy smart felyne named Glyde.

I met Glyde for the first time while looking around Loc Lac. I was recruiting hunters for a battle against the Jhen Mohran and it turns out, he was assigned to take part in the battle regardless. The next day he asked me if I knew anything about Jhen Mohran, and of course at the time I didn't. He was angry at how ignorant I was and forced me to study against my will! That afternoon I tried to hide from him but somehow hefound me and forced me to read books. It didn't take long before I started dozing off, but each time I did, he would wake me up, scold me, and then continue. The next day, I tried hiding from him again...but it was useless. Another lesson ensued. I didn't know it at the time, but his lessons slowly started sinking in. Eventually, I started looking forward to his lessons. On the last day, before the battle, I didn't hide and came to him instead. Before we parted to get ready for the battle, I mindlessly reached out to pet his head - I don't know why. I got a glare from him and another scolding, but I think he secretly liked it. Before he left, he wished me good luck in the upcoming battle, and invited me to have tea sometime in the future. I can't wait when all of this is over so I can go home and relax. Afterwards, I think I'll go find him. I don't think I properly thanked him yet."

--Inkoseh, Part-time Monster Hunter, Fulltime opportunist
"I've been working at this gathering hall as an attendant for quite a while now. I handle things like requests, paperwork, and scheduling for most of the Guild officials; I guess I'm more of a secretary in that sense. I also help out on the floor once in a while if I don't have much to do and the sweethearts look like they could use a little help and in that sense I'm a waitress. Kokoto's a lot more peaceful than it used to be and I've had a lot less to worry about these days since the Garuga attack a few years back. The few months following that incident were probably the busiest days of my life. I had to keep track of dispatch teams, relay messages, act as an attendant nurse, put in orders to rebuild the village, among other things.  

...Actually, I lost my husband during that attack. He took a fatal blow while protecting another individual but from what I heard, but he didn't pass until the Garuga was warded off. I got to see his face before he was buried and "at peace" is the only words I could use to describe his expression. During the scramble, I only got to visit his grave once during those busy month; I barely even had time to grieve. But knowing him, he wouldn't have wanted that of me. "Work for others because in doing so, you work for yourself," were the words he always lived and those were the words he died by. Now that things have passed, I visit his grave every week or so and tell him tales from this world. He'd probably be bored and lonely otherwise.

After the incident, my son helped with errand and such and honestly, if it weren't for my son, I would have been at my wit's end, but he helped take some of the load off me. He and his father never really talked, though this was mostly because he was away at work, but the few moments they shared together were generally well spent. It would seem that after his father's passing, my son took his words to heart and since then began to live by those words as well. 

My work as an attendant has become less significant since then and I only handle smaller tasks. On particularly busy days I'll help out of course, but nowadays I just make sure everyone is comfortable around the Gathering Hall and read some of my son's books when I have nothing else to do. Occasionally, my son will visit and we'll chat over some tea but having more people to talk to is never a bad thing. Do give my son my regards if you happen to see him. Oh right, his name is Glyde."

--Felyne Attendant of Kokoto Gathering Hall
"I've been tendin' this here farm for'sa while now, comin' close to f'fty years now. Back then we only used t'have a small field, a small dock fer fishing, ana few insect thickets where you cn catch some critters. Luckily it got spared durin' the Garuga Attack a whiles back, and nowadays we'z got a beehive, and a minin' prospectr found a vein of ores in this here rocks here so you can mine too. Ya can't get greedy tho. You'z got to share. 

All sortsa people come here t'work or t'have a good time. In fact, I'sa got a good chunk'a them felynes t'work on m'farm. And some kids oft' come around to chase bugs r go fishin'. In fact, do y'happen t'know a felyne fell'r by the name of Glyde? I hear he's become some sort'o big shot these days, hee hee. I used t'know him as a kytten, grew up on this farm. Before th'attack, he was always runnin' around at top speed chasin' bugs, climbin' trees, or playing by th'lake shore. He fit right in with the human kids that used t'come around and play too. The kytten always had a sharp eye fer anything interesting and the amount of concentration he cn have is quite somethin'. He was always bringing me pretty lookin' rocks from the shore or staring at bugs or chasin' 'em if they weren't staying still, or diggin' around 'round the mining spots, heh heh. And when he gots tired he'd come around t'me, while i'm say fishin or laying around, and take a nap on m'lap, askin' me to pet him. Kyt [short for kytten] was always askin' me questions too like what this plant was, or what that bug did, or what this ore's used fer. Though I guess now, it's the othr way 'round, heh heh. 

The kyt still visits me every once'n a blue moon or two and we have a nice chat o'er some tea, tho of course he's not a kyt anymore. He's grown up to be a fine gentleman. But yep, if you want to come 'round t'see me, I'd be mighty grateful. I'm always lookin' t'chat with people that come 'round. It's t'people that keep this farm alive and well. Thanks fer comin'."

--Kokotoan Farmer
"We're always on the look out. Even if the hunters themselves aren't aware, when a group leaves for a quest, the guild assigns each group with a rescue squad, just in case their team ends up needing our services. Each city has a Head Dispatcher and below them are Clow Leaders who are capable of leading a clow [a group of felynes] for a given mission, and for each mission, Clow Leaders pick a minimum of five Mates to take with them. I specialize as a medic and I've been on a number of missions, some of which are dull and others are more exciting, though as a medic I'm usually left out of the action. 

A few years ago a Yian Garuga attacked the village on a rampage. Needless to say many lives were lost and several more injured. This was the one time of few that the entirety of the Felyne Rescue Clow was mobilized. The Dispatch Leader at the time became flustered at the size of the job and as a result, one of the Squadron Leaders, whom I came to respect after working under him a few times in the past, stepped up and commandeered the entire Clow to either help fend off the Garuga, put out fires, assist the wounded, or issue crowd control. From what I heard, he suffered a grievous wound, while he was helping fend off the Garuga and was taken to a safe place from where he would still give out order to humans and felynes alike. Soon enough hunters were able to fend off the Garuga and upon hearing the news, he passed away with with a relieved look on his face. 

When things had finally calmed down, proper burials were given to the deceased under the village's sakura tree, and the reconstruction of the village began. Several houses were in ruin and even the gathering hall had to be reconstructed. As a medic, I stayed with the injured making regular visits to various patients, making sure they were okay. 

On occasion, I would see a kytten [prepubescent felynes] standing over the grave of the deceased Clow Leader. So one day I walked up to him and asked him if this was someone he knew. Turns out that the kytten was his son. For being so young, he seemed to have a good grasp of what happened, and I was surprised how well he seemed to be taking his father's death. He asked me what his father was to me. I told him how much of a force he was on the Rescue Squad and told some stories of my time with his father. He stood by me listening over his father's grave, eventually I had to make my rounds. He thanked me for my time and said he would stay there for a bit longer. 

Ever since that day, my perspective has changed. At first when I started out, I always wanted something to happen, so I could go to work and feel useful, almost to the point where I wanted hunters to fail. But after that day, I learned that sometimes, the world is alright when I'm not needed, and that I should just be ready when I'm needed. I haven't met another Clow Leader quite like the kytten's father and I don't think I can't help myself comparing my future Leaders to him. He was quite the Felyne."

--Felyne Veteran Medic on the Felyne Rescue Squad of Kokoto
"When it comes to felyne beauty, there is none that comes close to myself, nya. You can go ahead and ask all the felyne around and they'll tell you that I'm the prettiest, purr. I've won three consecutive beauty felyne pageants and I can win the favor of any lynian fellow that I come across... well all except one, but that's not important, meow. Everyday I take a warm bath to keep my fur soft and lustrous and import the best felvine perfume so I can turn heads wherever I go... Come to think of it, he never even looks at me when I'm around, myu. But i keep my nail nice and polished and why am I so invisible to him,nya? I've been trying to get his attention whenever he comes around town but I never seem to catch his eyes, mrow. Even when I pass him on the streets and I grace him by saying hi, he just says hi back and continues walking. I even tried to talk to him one time when I saw him at the gathering hall; The entire conversation, he didn't look up from his book, nya. So I got fed up asked him why that book was so important to him and he finally looked up, glaring at me and said that a beloved friend gave him that book and the things written in that book were infinitely more important than my life, nyah. My life, hiss? *ahem* Anyways, why do I even bother. He's obviously too stupid to comprehend my beauty. I don't deserve stupid people and you don't seem very smart yourself so I'm done talking to you."

--Self-proclaimed "Beauty Queen" of Felynes of Yukumo